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ODS, formed in 2017, will provide the offshore industry with a multipurpose, economical, safe and environmentally friendly Heavy Lift solution to support single topside lifts, jackets, subsea infrastructure and renewable energy lift requirements.


The vessel, Moonraker 1, which has been designed in-house by ODS, and will use ground-breaking disruptive technology to support offshore oil and gas engineering, procurement, removal and decommissioning requirements.


Through a 6 column stabilised, self-propelled semi-submersible design, Moonraker 1 will facilitate improved Response Amplitude Operators (RAOs), reducing the cost and time to decommission hydrocarbon producing facilities, whilst ensuring the highest safety standards. It will also offer an extended window of operability of over 300 days per year, providing significant time and cost savings to the industry over any existing technology. 


The vessel will offer the industry a much needed solution to work in some of the world’s harshest environmental conditions, such as the UK North Sea and Norwegian Continental Shelf.

ODS has combined technologies to develop a HLV which can support:

  • 30,000 MT single topsides lift (12 x 2,500MT heave compensated lifting beams)

  • 12,000 MT heave compensated jacket and subsea infrastructure lift

  • 3,500m2 deckspace laydown area

  • 1 x 1,000MT deck crane

  • 1 x 300MT deck crane

  • 134 Persons On Board

  • 8 x 4.5Mw DP3 thrusters for self-propulsion and station keeping

  • 4 ROV LARS (Remote Operated Vehicle Launch and Recovery Stations)


Engineering, Procurement, Removal and Disposal Services (EPRD)

Engineering and Procurement

ODS possesses in house engineering and procurement specialists to support its clients' requirements.

ODS has the intention to establish its decommissioning engineering Head Office in Dundee, Scotland in 2019.


To support the overall ambition to reduce the cost of decommissioning, ODS, as the the only UK company with such lifting capabilities, will own and operate Moonraker 1, promoting operational efficiency, providing an extended window of operability and campaign solutions to reduce cost and enhance productivity.


ODS has a strong network to work alongside Plugging & Abandonment, Decontamination, Shore Side demolition, recycling and disposal specialists, offering a full turnkey decommissioning solution for our clients.

ODS aims to base the main logistics and operations office in Dundee, Scotland in 2019.


Metric Tonnes single topsides lift 


Metric Tonnes single jacket and subsea lift 


m2 of deck space for laydown & sea fastening


days operational availability in the North Sea

Our Management


ODS is lead by a team of innovative industry professionals. Please click the below link to see more.

ODS Vessles

Moonraker 1

Moonraker 1 is our next generation Heavy Lift Vessel, gaining the interest and support from industry, government and energy firms.

With a special notation under review with DNV GL Classification Society publication for 2019 as "First in Class" six column stabilised decommissioning vessel, Moonraker will the world's first U shaped semi-submersible of its kind.

Please click on the image to view the technical specification.






Being involved with decommissioning unit Moonraker from early engineering is an exciting project and DNV GL look forward to collaborating on the next stages of the project development

Callum Falconer,

Chief Executive of Dundeecom

Dundeecom is thrilled with ODS' plans to develop Moonraker 1 HLV in an effort to support the escalation of decommissioning removal activities from the North Sea. Having a UK based heavy lift company will make the UK more competitive in the industry, and will add enormous value to Scotland, and in particular Dundee, with significant job creation and providing the solution to transit assets to Dundee for decommissioning and recycling

Ian Phillips,

Chief Executive of OGIC

Decommissioning presents a significant area of opportunity for companies to develop new technology and OGIC is pleased to support projects which bring benefits to this sector


General Enquiries

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