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Model Basin Test underway

11th July 2019

ODS is pleased to announce that the first round of Tank Testing is underway at the Kelvin Hydrodynamics Laboratory, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.

Testing will continue for two weeks where a variety of Ballast conditions and wave spectra will provide valuable information in our motion analysis, verifying the anticipated operational availability of over 300 days in the North Sea.

A few photos are available in our Moonraker 1 images section. Additional images will be uploaded soon.

Appointment of Chairman, Jim Christie

22nd May 2019

ODS is delighted to announce the appointment of Mr. Jim Christie as company Chairman.


ODS is incredibly grateful to Jim for his support and guidance, and eagerly look forward to developing future opportunities together.


Jim brings a wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge which has proven incredibly beneficial to ODS and the Forth & Tay Decommissioning alliance. As Chairman, Jim will continue to provide indispensable guidance and assist with the company’s ambition to deliver a UK based Heavy Lift solution, which is aligned with the UK supporting infrastructure focused on decommissioning.

The Motorship article

24th April 2019

Many thanks to The Motorship for the article published on the 24th April 2019

Dundeecom, VUDWP and actions following the successful launch of F&T Decommissioning

19th February, 2019

In addition to extending his thanks to everyone attending, supporting, collaborating and presenting at the Forth & Tay Decommissioning launch, Callum Falconer, Chief Executive of Dundeecom has indicated that the output from the independent study for the Virtual Ultra Deep Water Port will be issued in the next few weeks.

Additionally the next actions will be taken by F&T Decommissioning:

  • Respond to the Government call to action

  • Organising a ‘reverse’ hackathon

  • Organising a skills fair

OGIC approve co-funding of Tank Test of Moonraker with the University of Strathclyde

18th February, 2019

ODS are proud to announce that support from the Oil and Gas Innovation Centre has been approved to co-fund the Model Basin Test at the University of Strathclyde.

ODS would like to extend their sincere thanks to OGIC and the University of Strathclyde for their continued support.

The approval from OGIC provides significant comfort that the concept of a versatile UK based Heavy Lift Vessel which will support the removal and transit of assets to the UK for recycling and disposal is of great interest to UK industry and economy.

Launch of Forth & Tay Decommissioning alliance

18th March 2019

Within 3 months of the initial meeting, the highly successful launch event took place at Discovery Point in Dundee on the 18th March 2019

In the news - Port of Dundee - Decommissioning hub

18th February, 2019

£5m decommissioning base announced for Port of Dundee

In the news - Dundeecom hosting collaboration meeting 

19th December, 2018

Dundeecom hosting a meeting yesterday with Norman MacLennan (COES), Lee Johnson (ODS) and Glen Wilson (Wellsafe) (Erwin Lammertink, AF Offshore was unable to attend) facilitated by Jim Christie (Decide Wisely)

In the news - Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Decommissioning Sypmosium, KL, Malaysia

3rd December, 2018

ODS Co-Chairs and Presents at the KL SPE decommissioning Symposium

In the news - The Courier

22nd November 2018

ODS and Moonraker 1 choose Dundee as their base

In the news - Energy Voice

22nd November 2018

‘Moonraker’ heavy lift vessel to create 500 Tayside decom jobs

In the news - Decom North Sea

22nd November 2018

UK's First Decommissioning Semi-Submersible Business Choose Dundee As Logistics

In the news - Upstream Online

22nd November 2018

ODS targets UK decom work with newbuild

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