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ODS’s vision is to promote and develop a UK based Heavy Lift solution for the North Sea and global installation and removal requirements.

ODS has met and held extensive discussions with industry bodies and operators in order to understand the concerns and potential obstacles facing the decommissioning sector. Following this research phase, ODS has developed a versatile and cost efficient vessel to address all offshore oil and gas field infrastructure removal requirements, along with increasing the potential offshore installation opportunities.

As ageing assets approach their end of life, decommissioning planning is essential to ensure a safe, efficient and well executed  process. ODS will work alongside the operators and stakeholders to support removal and transportation requirements.

To support the industry’s ambition to reduce the cost of decommissioning, which will impact  operators and HMRC likewise, ODS has designed and developed a technologically advanced, versatile vessel, Moonraker 1 which can address:


  • Single Lift Topsides removal of 30,000MT

  • Jacket, substructure and subsea infrastructure removal of up to 12,000MT

  • Jacket height removal of up to 35m without A Frames, 55m with A Frames

  • Pipeline removal of 110m sections

  • 3,500m2 laydown area for sea fastening of low hanging structures subsea infrastructure


Due to the design, self-propulsion and station keeping potential, powered by an enormous 8 x 8,848 kW engines and 8 x 4.5MW thrusters, Moonraker 1 will not be reliant on Anchor Handling Tugs or other vessels to transit with or without load. This allows Moonraker 1 to continually support activities throughout the year, as ODS anticipated to be over 300 days operational availability per year.


Moonraker 1 will transit with load from the field locations inshore to lay down onto barges for subsequent transportation to the selected shore side facility for recycling and decommissioning.


ODS intends to establish its Logistics and Operational Management Head Quarters in Dundee in 2019 whilst construction of Moonraker 1 takes place. The Group will prepare training courses to attract local talent to join the Operations Team, both shoreside and onboard Moonraker 1 upon delivery in 2021.


ODS will also incorporate and build its Decommissioning Engineering Team at the facilities in Dundee to support decommissioning activities and preparatory work alongside our clients. Due to the sheer scale of the decommissioning requirement, ODS believes there is a significant market potential with strong, long term fundamentals which will be extremely well supported from ODS's base in Dundee for decades to come.

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